Can it be that humanity’s reign over creation is a challenge to the free will with which we have been endowed?

Can it be that we have failed to properly exercise our freedom with regard to nature and every living thing?


Science no longer allows us to doubt it.

The human hominid has evolved naturally among all the species that live in small groups over millions of years.

The hominid is genetically constituted to evolve naturally within a family surrounded by empathetic tribes.

However we might read the history of humanity, since the birth of the first city-state, the first conqueror, the first empire and the political imperialism that followed, the human species has forgotten how to live in harmony with everything that nature gives life to.

For the past few hundred generations, the falsely agrarian hunter-gatherers have been running around in a circle, trapped in an evolutional dead-end.

The hominid that can be made human cannot be an anonymous multitude without posing a risk to itself and every other living thing. This can only lead to a disaster that its natural life in nature cannot have prepared it for.

Given that it is not a part of natural evolution, the higher certain people’s social status rises and the more wealth is concentrated in fewer hands, the more everyone’s natural nature is threatened.

No living organism, no species, can reasonably and without regard for nature’s expectations serve the singular folly of one particular specimen of the species in question.

We have mistaken art for wealth, the type of art that should notice this and bring it to light has lost its sensibility.

Having lost sight of itself while trying to replicate wealth’s splendour, art has to be considered contemporary become deaf, mute and blind.




Translated by Rémi L.:














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©2021 Leopol Bourjoi


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